Classic Shaker Cornish Kitchen

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About this Project

Bespoke Cornish Kitchen

This complete kitchen transformation project focused on enhancing the look, feel and useability of an existing space and creating a communal hub that would be equally as practical as inviting. Large, open-plan and filled with light, the room already lent itself perfectly to cooking, dining and social gatherings, and needed a design that would do justice to its status as the heart of the home. Allowing for a style that would be both attractive and able to eclipse the passage of time and trends, the classic Shaker style was chosen for its emphasis on simple, clean lines, understated elegance and hyper-practicality.

For the main working area, bespoke Shaker-style kitchen units were created to line the edge of the room, topped with a striking stone countertop. This allowed for generous storage and worktop space and created an attractive frame in which to house an array of kitchen accoutrements and place an undermounted sink. At the centre, a bespoke free-standing island was built to provide a social nucleus, maximise space and create additional storage. Units were finished with solid oak dove-tail drawers or hinged cupboard doors – all painted in light mossy tones and finished with uniformed handles to give a contemporary edge to the Shaker style.

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Painted Tulip Wood and Solid Oak

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