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This built-in cupboard with TV space is a bespoke design created to seamlessly blend into the classic aesthetics of a bright and airy living area. Providing both a valuable storage space and a striking feature that balances both presence and elegance, it is a timeless piece built to surpass trends and endure the wear and tear of time. Set within a room with high ceilings, the cupboard makes full use of its height to create plenty of useable space, while the cornice is designed to match the picture rail running around the room. Enhancing this sense of fluidity, the chamfers and mouldings also stylistically reflect the existing joinery in the vicarage.

To complement the light palette of the room, the cupboard is hand painted to colour-match the surrounding walls. An ash top gently contrasts the colour scheme with soft tones and natural detailing, which is also replicated throughout the cupboard interiors. Providing a generous amount of storage space, each cupboard is accessed via one of six individual doors and is fitted with carefully-spaced shelves – perfect for storing belongings of varying shapes and sizes such as glasses, books and so on. The built-in TV space capitalises on the full depth of the cupboard and creates an attractive space in which to place a TV without feeling cluttered.

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Built in furniture


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