Storage, Display and Wine Cellar

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About this Project

The culmination of master craftsmanship and bold artistic vision, this storage, display and wine cellar is one of a kind. Created for a home in the South West, it was designed to be both functional andsculptural, and draws the eye with fluid lines and natural detailing. The kind of bespoke piece that is truly commanding, it will take pride of place in any room.

Made with expertly crafted natural materials of Bog and Pippy Oaks, the light and dark tones of the exposed wood beautifully contrast with each other. On both sides of the unit, top and bottom cupboards are concealed with light wood doors unadulterated by handles and separated by pull-out drawers, concealing a variety of storage spaces. In the middle, the graceful curves of the design form an arch in which open storage showcases a display unit and, a particular favourite, a wine cellar. The open display aspect of this sculptural piece is enhanced by the use of LED strip lighting.

For more information about our Storage, Display and Wine Cellar unit, contact us here or call us on

0800 587 3236.

Project Type

Display / Storage / Wine Cellar


Bog Oak and Pippy Oak

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