Luxury Bathroom Furniture

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About this Project

Luxury Bathroom Furniture

As part of this multi-faceted project, we created a series of units for a home bathroom. Elegant and practical, these units were designed in the classic Shaker style, working with clean lines and subtledetailing to create a clean, timeless look. To add a pop of colour, the bathroom units were painted in
a sumptuous red, warmly contrasting with the cool tones of the bathroom’s walls and tiled floor. Providing a range of storage options, the units were fitted with solid oak drawers and hinged cupboard doors, creating space for personal items to be neatly stored away without clutter. The units were topped with a solid oak top, while the edges were hand-distressed for a softer look and
feel. To create a sense of harmony throughout, the panels of the existing sink were replaced and colour-matched, while the handles of the cupboards and drawers were fashioned from the same exposed oak as the units’ worktops.

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Luxury Bathroom Furniture


Painted Tulip Wood

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