Hartland Console Table

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About this Project

This Console table is inspired by the rocks and cliffs at Hartland Quay, North Devon. These dramatic cliffs were formed as a result of a continental collision some 300 million years ago. The cliffs are made up of layers of sandstone and mudstone which were literally “folded” by the collision; this resulted in striped layers of sandstone and mudstone being forced into almost vertical folds. I have represented the layered rocks in the furniture by contrasting fumed and bleached Oak.

A Geologist tells me that the reverberations from the collision are still occurring today. I find this a fantastic reminder of the vastly different timescales we occupy.

Hartland Quay faced Due west and is famed for its fantastic sunset views. Its Rocks jet out into the Atlantic ocean which at times can get quite wild around this remote peninsula. On stormy days, the waves crash into the jagged rocks sending spray high into the air. The sculpted oak of the drawer front is designed to echo the energy and movement of this wild sea.

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