Cousin Jack Console Table

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About this Project

Cousin Jack is the name given to the Cornish miners who migrated  to other mineral rich areas such as America, Australia and Africa, taking their mining skills with them.

In  Cornwall, a “spine” of granite runs the full length of the county just beneath the surface. The spine becomes visible on the Tors of Bodmin moor, Carn Brea and West Penwith. Around each granite margin there is a ring of baked rock in which there are vertical mineral lodes containing Tin ore. Since pre – historic times people have been extracting and trading this Tin. Derelict engine houses and other remnants of a one time prosperous Tin mining industry are commonplace on the Cornish landscape. Growing up in Cornwall these ruins formed a large part of my childhood playgrounds.

The legacy of Tin has always been around me and I wanted to design a piece of furniture which would celebrate not only the magnificent Cornish landscape, but the treasures buried within it. The Tin used in this piece has been mined locally in Cornwall and cast specifically for this console table.

Project Type

Gallery Exhibit


Oak, Cornish Tin

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