Curvey Bookshelves

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About this Project

Turning practical storage into an aesthetic display, our Curvey Bookshelves infuse modern vibes into traditional design for a look that complements both contemporary and period homes. Letting the natural patterns of the solid Oak and Ash wood and the gentle curves of the unit wow onlookers with elegant, pared-back style, the overall effect is beautifully striking without being overbearing.

Made to measure for a lovely home in East Cornwall, these particular bookshelves were lovingly handcrafted in our Cornish workshop to perfectly fit their surroundings. With a combination of shelving for books and display items, perfect for a study room or lounge, the finished product offered bountiful room for all sorts of collections and ornaments. Marrying substance and style, this is a design that can be replicated and adapted for bespoke needs, adjusting materials, frame size and shelving arrangements.

For more information about our Curvey Bookshelves, contact us here or call us on 0800 587 3236.

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Oak and Ash

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