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Hartland Console Table

Previous slide Next slide About this Project This Console table is inspired by the rocks and cliffs at Hartland Quay, North Devon. These dramatic cliffs were formed as a result of a continental collision some 300 million years ago. The cliffs are made up of layers of sandstone and mudstone which were literally “folded” by

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Penwith 2 – Shelves

Previous Next About this Project These free standing display shelves are the second in the series taking its inspiration from the Penwith Peninsula in West Cornwall. It is made from sculpted Oak and Bog oak veneer. For full details of the Penwith project, please see the Penwith Drawer Chest in this section. Project Type Gallery

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Cousin Jack Console Table

Previous slide Next slide About this Project Cousin Jack is the name given to the Cornish miners who migrated  to other mineral rich areas such as America, Australia and Africa, taking their mining skills with them. In  Cornwall, a “spine” of granite runs the full length of the county just beneath the surface. The spine

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Penwith1 – Drawer Chest

Previous Next About this Project This drawer chest was the first piece in a range of furniture designed to represent the Penwith peninsula in West Cornwall. Penwith is a rugged peninsula battered by weather off the Atlantic. It is scattered with ancient stone monuments which in their time where built as places of worship using

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