Everyone loves a pantry!

We have recently had photographs taken of a solid oak kitchen we designed and built in Devon. The highlight of this beautiful kitchen for me was the pantry!

As a child we had the most glorious pantry, which I can still smell today, and tell you where everything should be on each shelf!  Pantry’s seem to evoke memories and are aspirational! I have shown the image of this pantry to many friends, all of whom exclaimed, ” OOooo everyone loves a pantry!”Memories of childhood baking, preserves and pickles, Grandparents and luxury spring to mind.

 So, I looked into our fascination of “The Pantry”. The word pantry comes from an old French term which derives from the French word bread, “pain”. For hundreds of years the pantry were used as a store room, of meats, alcohol, and food stuffs. A slate, Cornish or otherwise, were often used in a pantry to keep butter and other products cool.
Kitchens today are designed to be larger than ever, however, pantry hasn’t lost its appeal. They are exceedingly practical and a nostalgic and essential feature to any beautiful home. Here at SFW we can make your pantry dreams come true! Please contact us sarah@samwalshfurniture.co.uk

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