Cornish Tin

Samuel F Walsh Furniture and the use of Cornish Tin

At Samuel F Walsh we pride ourselves in exploring different types of materials, whether it be different woods or metals.

We are very much inspired by the beautiful Cornish landscape and this is reflected in our designs. We have used Cornish tin, sculpted tin handles and tin inlay, in several designs, producing very unique and bespoke pieces of furniture.

Tin is synonymous with Cornish heritage and the ghosts of the once prosperous tin mining industry can be seen throughout the Cornish landscape today, in the form of mine chimneys, mine houses and other workings. Tin has been part of Cornish heritage for 4000 years and we were very proud to use it in our work.

The process of exacting tin is still very traditional. The rock is crushed into a sand like substance, then water is used to extract black tin concentrate within it. The concentrate is then smelted and the white tin metal flows from the rock. Traditional methods are then used to produce ingots of tin for use for casting. At Samuel F Walsh we design and make 3D casts so the molten tin can be poured in and set, producing our unique handles and inlays.

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For enquiries about a bespoke piece of furniture using Cornish Tin please contact us.

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